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NMA’ programs
Nour El Marifa has four main programs, each one of these programs serve a specific group of the community.


1. Educational program:

The program provides educational services for Palestinian students from the initial stages of study until the end of university studies through the provision of scholarships and guarantees, in-kind assistance, and the support needed to encourage them cognitively and financially. Palestine Al Ghad School,Al Kookh kindergarten and nursery for children.


2. Relief program:

This program aims to Provide emergency and seasonal relief services based on the results of the needs assessments studies carried out by the program staff, and the development ofservices provided to the community through relief projects such as renovationprojects, infrastructure development, water projects, supplying medical equipmentand relief to the needy, and many projects that work on upgrading theliving conditions of needyfamilies such aslivelihood projects and many other effective projects.


3. Health program:

This program aims to provide health care services to the local community, early detection of speech & hearing problems during the early childhood stage in kindergartens and primary school through the Speech and Hearing therapy Clinic, in addition to Palestine Health Center, which provides health services at very low prices commensurate with the economic situation of the local community. Followed by laboratory medicine services.


4. Women and Youth Program

It aims to build youth and women capacities, and empower them economically, cognitively and socially to contribute in the creation of youth energies capable of contributing to the rebuilding process of the society and building a better tomorrow for Palestinians.


NMA facilities

  • Palestine Al Ghad prep. School for Students with learning difficulties.
  • Palestine is our Home “ youth training unit”
  • Hafiz educational program
  • Al Kookh ideal kindergarten and nursery.
  • Amman Center for Empower orphans and needy.
  • Palestine Health center.
  • Speech and Hearing  therapy Clinic
  • Palestine Grassed play ground
  • Dialect center
  • Business incubator